The Civic Leadership Academy is one of the fifteen Olathe 21st century high school career pathway academies created to give students the opportunity to pursue their passions and explore unique opportunities. Leadership is one of three academic career pathway programs based at Olathe East high school and contains over 90 students. Civic Leadership features two branches, legal studies and public administration where students explore the legal system and running of governments and nonprofit organizations. The Grand Benefit Gala , benefiting KVC, is being organized and put on by the Public Administration class of 2020, nine students passionate about others, and determined to make a difference.

Holiday Heroes

In honor of the holiday season and in the spirit of helping others, the Civic Leadership Academy students sponsored three kids' Christmases through KVC's Holiday Heroes program. Following a visit to the Ball Conference Center and a meeting with KVC, the students took a trip to Target to do Christmas shopping for Holiday Heroes.

We are eight students and a teacher in the Olathe Civic Leadership Academy. We engage in the world of legal studies and public administration to become better leaders equipped to advocate for change and justice, keeping society running smoothly. In the Civic Leadership Academy we develop the knowledge and skills to lead effectively and make change around us.



T: 913-780-7120


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