Chloe is involved in numerous volunteer programs and activities, including Camp ABLE, Johnson County Youth Court, and Hawk Leaders. Chloe’s passion for helping others has been shown through her Presidential Service Award, received for submitting over 100 community service hours, and her experience as a dance teacher for an enthusiastic group of kindergarteners. She is an exemplary student known for her amazing organizational and academic skills, leading her to become a National Honor Society Member. Chloe aspires to be a dermatologist one day, and currently is thrilled at the opportunity to work on the organization and design for the Grand Benefit Gala.

We are eight students and a teacher in the Olathe Civic Leadership Academy. We engage in the world of legal studies and public administration to become better leaders equipped to advocate for change and justice, keeping society running smoothly. In the Civic Leadership Academy we develop the knowledge and skills to lead effectively and make change around us.



T: 913-780-7120


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