Chloe is involved in numerous volunteer programs and activities, including Camp ABLE, Johnson County Youth Court, and Hawk Leaders. Chloe’s passion for helping others has been shown through her Presidential Service Award, received for submitting over 100 community service hours, and her experience as a dance teacher for an enthusiastic group of kindergarteners. She is an exemplary student known for her amazing organizational and academic skills, leading her to become a National Honor Society Member. Chloe aspires to be a dermatologist one day, and currently is thrilled at the opportunity to work on the organization and design for the Grand Benefit Gala.

Chloe Bauer

Kirk Peterson acts as a facilitator and educator for the Civic Leadership Academy. He has been teaching for thirteen years, holding both a bachelor’s degree from William Jewel College and master’s degree in Educational Policy and Leadership from KU. This is his second year at Olathe East where he teaches Introduction to Leadership, Economics, and Public Administration. Mr. Peterson is a completer of the Leadership Olathe program and hopes to continue to be an educational leader in the Olathe School District.  Mr. Peterson enjoys challenging his students to not only learn leadership principles but to act on things they believe in. At the beginning of the school year he decided to assign the junior class a project- find an issue in the community and take action. Today Mr. Peterson oversees the planning of the project and is excited to watch his students begin a junior class tradition- change the world.  Mr. Peterson has a wife, who also works in the Olathe School District as a physical therapist. Mr. Peterson and his wife have two daughters, Emery and Adalie.

Kirk Peterson

Sammy is not only a leader through Civic Leadership, but through Student Council, Hawk Leaders, and summer camp counseling. In addition to his leadership skills, Sam is a devoted scholar as part of both National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. Sammy has been playing Lacrosse for over eight years and is the Varsity Captain at Olathe East. He also enjoys in school activities and organizations including debate which he recently joined and has gained a passion for, and Science Olympiad. Sammy is constantly juggling tasks and commitments like planning prom, attending Lacrosse, and taking ACT Prep classes, but always makes time for the Gala. As a leader and one passionate about others, Sam is looking forward to helping KVC through the Grand Benefit Gala.

Sammy Rogers

Avneet is known for her important leadership positions in the community as an Empowering Youth mentor, Youth Court Judge, and Camp ABLE facilitator. Avneet is passionate about law and debate, placing highly in both local and state debate tournaments. One day, Avneet aspires to be Attorney General in Washington and eventually become a Supreme Court Justice like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but for now she loves her job at the Olathe School District where she knows she is making a difference for present and future students. Avneet is excited to continue to make change in the lives of KVC foster kids.

Avneet Sidhu

Creator of Lawn Care Co., Caden loves being a leader and taking charge through business and communication. While he may be a businessman, Caden also enjoys sports and has played both golf and basketball for over five years. Caden may just be the most social student in Civic Leadership as well, as he is always making conversation and engaging with others. He may not know what school he wants to go on to just yet, but Caden is excited to be a part of Greek life at college and aspires to be a leader in the fraternity of his choice one day. Hoping to study business after high school, Caden is an excellent communications manager and is great at reaching out to fellow businessmen and women. Caden is looking forward to using his communication skills to benefit kids in need.

Caden Stoll

Liz is an active member of many Olathe East activities, such as the Olathe East gymnastics team in which she is an individual state champion in beam. She is also a varsity cheerleader and publicity board member of KAY Club. Along with activities and athletics, Liz takes an active part in both National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society.  Outside of school she enjoys her job as a gymnastics and swim teacher for children and volunteer, earning her three Presidential Service Awards. Liz enjoys math and science, hoping to pursue a degree in engineering from Purdue or K-State. After college she aspires to earn a leadership role at an engineering firm. Today, Liz is happy to be a production/time manager for the gala and cannot wait to make a difference and raise money for KVC.

Liz Wasinger

Alyssa takes interest in a diverse array of fields, including non-profit organizations and agriculture. Alyssa has played soccer for thirteen years and is involved in both Hawk Leaders in an executive position and National Honor Society. She loves animals and has a passion for helping the environment, especially promoting recycling to keep the oceans clean. Whether she goes on to create a non-profit or become an environmental engineer, Alyssa is excited for the future after high school. For now, Alyssa is in charge of making sure the gala follows all financial regulations along with ensuring that the budget and project calendar stay updated. She is glad to be obtaining experience with non-profits and is excitedto learn about a possible future career in charitable work.

Alyssa Fletcher

Laney is all about serving others and being a team player, devoted to helping a greater cause. As a former competitive cheerleader for six years and former cheerleading coach, she enjoys being a part of something greater and being around new people. A volunteer for organizations like the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Mercy, earning her two presidential service awards, Laney hopes to live a life serving others.  As a member of the National Society for High School Scholars she is a self-motivated student with high hopes for the future. Laney hopes to one day attend Middlebury College in Vermont and go on to medical school to be a neurosurgeon and change people’s lives. For now, Laney works on website development and management as well as various other technological needs for the gala. Her greatest hope is to assist in the development of a project that will continue and inspire Civic Leadership classes for years to come and benefit a cause bigger than herself.

Laney Scott

Aline is known for her adaptability and ability to form bonds and make connections. As a people person, Aline is always finding a way to make conversations with  anyone and has a knack for making people smile. Aline has played soccer for eleven years and enjoys staying active. In school, Aline enjoys Student Council, as well as being a Hawk Leader and mentor for the Intereprsonal Skills program. She loves kids and has a passion for helping others, with hopes to become a social worker. Aline is also a part of National Honor Society for her academic achievements. Her passion for children led to our chosen cause, foster children, Aline hopes to form a connection and help assist KVC continue to make change in children’s lives.

Aline Sanchez

We are eight students and a teacher in the Olathe Civic Leadership Academy. We engage in the world of legal studies and public administration to become better leaders equipped to advocate for change and justice, keeping society running smoothly. In the Civic Leadership Academy we develop the knowledge and skills to lead effectively and make change around us.



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